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Kitchen Components

Other Kitchen Products
Sinks & Taps

In keeping with the latest trends and fashions is this range of complimentary, modern accessories. Below is a small selection of the accessories Euros Stone offer:

  • Glass shelves
  • Wicker Baskets
  • Tambour Door Systems
  • Kitchen Handles
  • Under unit LED lighting
  • Wire pull outs
  • Magic corner pull outs
  • Bins
  • Cutlery Trays
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75V520 75V521 75V522 75V524 75V525-RS_LR
75V526 75V527 300basepullout-thumb 300mm Larder Small 7511_RS_LR
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7557 7557A 7560-RS_LR 7570-RS_LR 7588
75212-RS_LR 75232-RS_LR 75240 75252-RS_LR 75255