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Porcelain tiles offer a versatile, durable and cost-effective floor and wall solution for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Porcelain tiles are manufactured from pure clays and minerals that are shaped by dry pressing and then fired at very high temperatures providing you with a harder, stronger and more durable material than natural stone. It is a material, that is non porous, resistant to abrasion and chemicals, highly frost resistant and low maintenance, making it a very practical material to use.

These astonishing technical qualities give porcelain tiles significant advantages over alternative floor and wall coverings and can produce an astonishing range with various finishes. The scope and versatility of these designs make porcelain tiles the ideal choice for both contemporary and traditional spaces

Our porcelain range is unique and is suitable for both floors and walls.

Our main stock of porcelain tiles are 600mm x 600mm and 600mm x 300mm as more of our clients follow a more contemporary look, however we also stock 300mm x 300mm, 400mm x 400mm and 800mm x 800mm.

Natural Stone Colours
6T00 6002 6009.Grey 6032 6032P
6052 6059 6062 6112 6114
6116 6362 6369 6605 6610
6614 6673 6677 6800 6812
6911 66191 66211 66212 J6B00
L6P092 L6P093 NH6075 OCM60B OCM60C
R6C800 R6C801 R6C802 R6C804 TH100