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Underfloor Heating

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Our underfloor heating mats are simple and trouble free to install. They are particularly suited to large areas where their installation will be quicker than a loose 3mm cable system.

They are supplied in outputs of 100w, 150W or 200W per square metre and come in a large range of sizes allowing you to select the perfect underfloor heating system whatever your room dimensions. In normal circumstances they do not add any build height to your tiled floor as they are so thin that they are contained within the tile adhesive layer.

Unlike heating ribbons and carbon panels, 90% coverage of the free floor area can be achieved as the mat can be cut and turned and the cable can be stripped off to fill in any awkward areas.

At only half a metre wide and constructed from a fibreglass mesh, the electric floor heating mats have our 3mm thin heating cable
pre-spaced and fixed beneath the mesh to help protect the cable during installation. The underfloor heating cable is dual-conductor and 100% earth shielded so that, unlike many other suppliers' products, it emits negligible EMF radiation.

200W/m2 underfloor heating mats offer a rapid warm up time and are suitable for use beneath tile and stone coverings where they can provide primary heating in the vast majority of rooms including conservatories. When the 200W/m2 heating mats are laid onto a wooden base a 2-3mm skim of tile adhesive should be used to cover the base first.

Underfloor Heating Kit

Underfloor Heating Accessories

Underfloor Heating Accessories

Underfloor Heating Thermostats

Underfloor Heating Accessories

Both systems are suitable for use with thermal tile backer board which will enable them to run more efficiently, benefiting you and the environment.

All our systems are fully CE approved and come with a lifetime warranty on electric heating systems and thermostats.

Lifetime Warranty

ProWarm™ floor heating mats come with a full lifetime warranty. The warranty does not cover installations made by unauthorized persons or faults caused by incorrect design by others / misuse / damage caused by others / damage in transit / incorrect installation and any other subsequent damage that may occur. Replacement will be fully chargeable if the damage is because of any of the above reasons.


Our high quality ETFE advanced insulation system is made with the highest quality Fluoropolymer's and does not contain any PVC coatings whatsoever. ProWarm™ systems are only 2mm in thickness making our cables one of the thinnest on the market today.

The advantage of our ultra-thin cable means that they can be tiled straight over if needed. ProWarm™ heating systems are constructed using multi-strand wires making them extremely tough.


ProWarm Installation Manual  

Download the ProWarm™ Underfloor Heating System
Installation Manual